I am Sebastian, I was born in France and it is after having fled my countryside town (and a decently paid banking job) that I landed in London in 2010. My desire to do everything-but-an-office-job and interact with people led me to work part-time for a small local café chain in Notting Hill while I was studying English. I quickly realised that the coffee culture had nothing to do with what I knew in France and started exploring the fast-growing London coffee scene while visiting the British capital’s neighbourhoods (Soho’s Flat White, Borough’s Monmouth Coffee, Bloomsbury’s Espresso Room and many more)…so that in autumn 2012 I ended up diving into the specialty coffee world when I joined Taylor Street Baristas. You will think I am biased (and I am) but these guys are the best if you ever want to learn and train as a barista. I also feel lucky to have discovered the world of speciality coffee and witnessed its explosion over my London years, including competitions, festivals, cuppings (basically professional coffee tasting), pop-up cafes, micro-roasteries, websites, blogs & apps and more importantly I met amazing passionate people… My coffee path had started and other experiences followed: the setting-up and the management of a new cafe in Kings Cross and the work with highly-skilled people at Alchemy Coffee Roasters. All these years I was surrounded by talented baristas eager to share their knowledge and passion, and have not stopped learning since.

That leads me to the purpose of this blog: help people drink better coffee and knowing where to find it. Because talking coffee has become to me a passion as great as making it, I want to share my discoveries in my current city, Barcelona, where the coffee scene is growing quickly! My one-year head-barista experience at Caravelle allowed me to meet the local fast-growing coffee community, wrote the content of the first BCN specialty coffee map (get it on http://www.walkwithme.es), volunteered at the two first editions of the IBCF (Barcelona Independent Coffee Festival) and even got enrolled in latte art competitions! Even though I left the specialty coffee world as a job this year (I now work in the travel industry) my caffeine love is unchanged and I enjoy very much tasting new coffees, meeting baristas and roasters, exploring the city and beyond…and hanging out in cafes. This blog is not another barista blog telling how to make coffee (some people already do it very well) but mostly a Barcelona Coffee Guide and also deals with cafes in Spain or in Europe (because I looooove travelling), or related topics such as tea, food, or local events. Because life is too short to drink bad coffee!

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All photos on the blog are taken by myself with iPhone 6 except when credits are mentioned