It is in September 2014 that Anahí, a Costa Rican coffee passionate and roaster, opened a coffee shop in the bohemian Barcelona neighbourhood of Gràcia. What makes Onna so unique? Established to share good coffee, Anahi started with carefully selected beans from Costa Rica, sourced during regular trips home to meet farmers, taste new varieties at origin and find out about new estates.

You can drink Onna‘s 100% direct-traded coffee in a cozy and unpretentious shop packed with locals and regulars. Here, experienced and friendly baristas are always happy to talk and help you in choosing freshly-roasted beans, or even with tips for home-brewing as Onna offers all the necessary gear for the home-barista. Aiming to bring origin closer to people Onna is an educative and interactive space, with a “coffee wall” explaining all the steps between the plant and your cup with simple yet precise words. Honest and simple made-on-site snacks (try the gluten-free brownies) complete the menu of this neighbourhood cafe open until 9pm, with light brunch options in the weekend.

Finally and adding another string to their bow, the micro-roastery is about to open a spacious functional location within the city where coffee workshops for all will be held. More news soon!

Address : Carrer Santa Teresa 1, Barcelona

Instagram @onnacoffee

photo credits : Andreu Font Bastos