This blog so far has been mainly about places to go for coffee, in Barcelona or further afield, and today I have decided to do a special post about the great people that allow us to drink good coffee in Spain, and are fully part of the growing speciality coffee scene: the COFFEE ROASTERS

Sourcing (often meaning travelling to the origin), selecting, picking, tasting, sample-roasting, selecting again, profiling roasts, tasting again, brewing, sharing, talking, selling, promoting, tasting again, brewing again, sharing again, and sourcing, again. A short summary of what a roaster’s life is like. That all starts with a PASSION. For good coffee; for discovering new ones, the best ones; for exploring territories and new tastes; for choosing beans them and roasting them to perfection in order to reveal all their potential and uniqueness; for sharing them with others: cafes owners, baristas, every coffee drinkers & lovers; for educating and raising awareness about their role and how, especially right now in Spain, they are making a revolution in the local coffee culture. I had the chance to be involved in the IBCF (Barcelona first Coffee Festival) as a head-barista at Caravelle and at the main event at Espacio 88 where I launched & promoted our Barcelona Specialty Coffee Map (see previous post) and sold coffee beans from the best Spanish specialty roasters. That gave me the opportunity to meet some of them I did not know, try delicious new coffees and also, realise how people were keen to get a coffee that suits their needs and taste! That was one of my busiest and most interesting day of work (albeit very fun) since I have joined the coffee industry, as I spent my day interacting with coffee lovers, in demand for beans to brew at home, for explanation about origins, brewing methods or taste notes. If the specialty coffee shops are popping up at an increasing pace, that experience made me realised that home-brewing is also gaining popularity quickly here in Spain!

Who are the best Spanish coffee roasters, where to buy their beans and drink their coffee? I have had the chance, over the last 10 months, to taste and brew their coffee, hence this list that, I hope will help you find the coffee your like – and need. I am convinced there must be more talented micro-roasters I do not know about or newcomers that are not part of that list – hope to have to make an update very soon 😉

Café de Finca, Castelldefels : the first specialty roaster in Spain (2009) roast their beans, serve flat whites and slow-brew beverages (several filter beans available on v60) at their welcoming café in the town centre of Castelldefels, and are also featured at Orbea Cycle Cafe in Eixample, Barcelona. Central American and African coffees are usually available, with a focus on medium-roasts and great balance  >>>

Cafés El Magnifico, Barcelona : Started in 1919 (!) this artisan roaster has embraced the speciality coffee wave and their passionate owner Salvador direct-trades new coffees every year, available to buy & drink at their always-packed shop in the Born “barrio”. Last but not least, they recently refurbished their original roasting premises (located in a traditionnal city cellar), turning it into a unique sensory (and coffee drinking) space (open Friday/Saturday only)  >>>  @cafeselmagnifico

Coutume, Barcelona : renowned Parisian specialty coffee roaster has chosen Barcelona to showcase their craft and roast their only-direct-traded beans in small batches, always offering a great variety of coffee to choose from. Buy their beans at SlowMov shop in Gràcia, home of their Giesen roaster, or drink their coffee at Le Petit Princep or Syra Coffee, places in BCN that sometimes use their coffee as a “guest”  >>>

D’origen Coffee Roasters, Alicante : very active on the Spanish coffee scene, the teams at D’Origen (among them the Spanish Latte Art champion) roast multiple origins beans and produce a signature espresso blend,  but also filters and cascara. They regularly host latte art courses or cuppings, while they owned and grow their own coffee in Panama, the Barù Black Mountain! Try their nectar at their café on the coastal town of Alicante or in Madrid at Santa Eulalia Bolangerie Patisserie  >>> @dorigencoffee

Nømad Coffee, Barcelona : set up by and run by a young Catalan who learned the job in London, the Barna coffee star never disappoints, sourcing and roasting to perfection a wide range of beans. Sip on their filter and various espressos at one of their 3 cafés in town (including their open roastery) or the growing number of coffee shops they supply: Manso’s Café, Chicha Limona or Retrogusto Coffeemates (Valencia)  >>> @nomadcoffee

Onna Coffee, Barcelona : founder/owner Anahi direct-trades coffees from her home country, Costa Rica, and roasts them in their new premises in Poble Nou. Several espresso and filter roasts/varieties are always available to drink and buy for home in their welcoming shop where you can also get all the coffee-making gear (and advice) you need to become a home-brewer  >>> (tumblr.) @onnacoffee

Puchero Coffee, Valladolid : no, not all the best roasters are located in Barcelona or Madrid! Marco and Paloma roasts fantastic single origin coffees from their Central Spain location and supply an increasing number of cafés throughout the country. Taking great care in everything they do, their offer is divided into a seasonnal espresso (currently from Colombia) and filters, with African beans recently starring. Have a taste at Bluebell Coffee (Valencia) or Syra Coffee (Barcelona)  >>>

Randall Coffee, Madrid : roasting small batches of carefully selected beans in the Spanish capital, Barry and his team are quality and taste-obsessed people. Lately I was impressed by their African beans, from Rwanda or Ethiopia, whose natural processed Rocko Mountain make an amazing cold-brew coffee (yes, go to @caravellecoffee to have a taste and beat the summer heat)  >>> @randallcoffee

Right Side Coffee, Castelldefels : based in Catalonia, they are one of first speciality coffee roasters in the country, putting their passion into sourcing and roasting outstanding coffees from all over the world. Very dynamic on the local coffee scene, they serve their coffee on various events/markets in BCN, supply several places such as The Juice House (BCN) or Hanso Café (Madrid) and also do coffee courses to educate us (latte art, brewing…)  >>> @rightsidecoffee

Sakona Coffee Roasters, San Sebastian : one of newest specialty roasters in Spain, experienced Javier Garcia and his passionate team bring good coffee to the Basque Country. Sourcing and roasting beans in San Sebastian where they café is located, they also do wholesale and are sometimes featured at recently-opened and must-visit Atmans Coffee (@atmanscoffee) in Barcelona  >>> @sakona_coffee

Toma Café, Madrid. The skilled and friendly team behind the first specialty coffee shop in the capital back in 2012 now roasts their own coffee, and they do it very well. To taste their latest findings from Peru, Brazil, Guatemala or Rwanda (as espresso, pour over or cold-brew), head to their small buzzing café in Malasaña, where these “warriors” obviously also sell beans for home  >>> @tomacafe

Tusell Tostadores, Barcelona : Nino Tusell direct-trades coffee from his home-country, El Salvador, with a focus on sourcing coffee from small farms and playing with many varieties and processes. Producing balanced coffees, mainly for espresso, Tusell Tostadores can be found at Coffeea & Wood (a specialty coffee corner at Barcelona Food Makers) and is often featured as “guest “in Barcelona’s best cafés >>> @tuselltostadores