Barcelona has recently see a few fantastic specialty coffee shops opening their doors, among them Hidden Café in Les Corts neighbourhood, just near L’Illa shopping center. Not the barrio-to-be you might think, but I was pleasantly surprised, after a few visits in the area, to see many cafes, independent shops, restaurants and a genuine local life, in which Hidden Cafe takes part.

With some of its founders members of SCAE Spain, very skilled and knowledgeable baristas (not to mention very friendly) and a neat and well-arranged space, the not-so-hidden venue has become of one my new addiction. You will be impressed by the coffee menu and possibilities: multiple espressos with 3 grinders sitting on the counter, as well as several slow-brew coffees always available (v60, Aeropress). Don’t look for your usual Spanish specialty roaster here: all the beans are imported from the best European ones (Drop, La Cabra, Belleville Paris, The Barn and more to come) and are rotating – offering a very-high quality cup of coffee and always a lot to explore & discover for the coffee lovers that we are. That rare thing makes Hidden Cafe truly unique and every time I went there I was very well advised and never disappointed by the coffee, either espresso or filter. Offering wi-fi, a wooden and bright interior, a few seats outside and a selection of European coffee magazines plus newspapers, the team behind the cafe pay attention to every detail and show a real passion for they what they do. Matcha is the second star in the house, with very high-quality green teas selected, base for several drinks and used for tiny matcha macarons that pair well with coffee. Talking about food, Hidden has set the bar high, offering scrumptious pastries and cakes, all fresh and locally made, artisan sandwiches and avocado toasts, granola & fresh fruits bowls, and healthy lunch boxes (salads and hot meals) by the excellent Súper kitchen based in Poble Nou – with vegans/veggie/GF options. In addition, they keep alive the Spanish tradition offering coffee & food combo for breakfast and “almuerzo”. As of drinks, cold-pressed juices and a small selection of craft bottled beer are also available, for those who need a break from coffee.

Last but not least, cuppings or brew workshops are also occasionally organised at Hidden Cafe, a great and rare chance to learn about the science behind the cup, and taste a wide range of coffee from the best roasters in Europe.

Address:  C/ Constança esquina Déu i Mata, 08029 Barcelona

Open every day

Instagram @hiddencafebarcelona